Starting off Thanksgiving week

Well, my 6 year old is carrying on my tradition of being sick during holiday times. Sigh. She has even managed to wrangle her daddy in on the action. I haven't got too much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, so a sick kid-o shouldn't set me behind. We had already planned on a light school week, so that won't affect us too much, either.

My four year old seems to be enjoying the opportunity to play nurse. She has been running around all morning getting her sister a stuffed animal to cuddle with, getting her cereal, setting up the Wii, and doing whatever else her sister might need. My 6 year old is usually the little nurturer so it's nice to see my 4 year old taking care of her for a while. Maybe I can enlist her for Thanksgiving stuff, too.

Holiday dinners with family are always a bit challenging with my 4 year old and me having a reaction to milk. The tricky bit is having enough choices for us without overdoing what I take. It usually ends up with me taking a combination of things I can make Nay-friendly for everyone to enjoy and things I make for myself so that I can have them for the dinner.

My sister is getting a smoked turkey, which sounds amazing. I thought I would contribute some things that would go well with a grilling-type theme. I'll be making some corn bread muffins and roasted veggies for everyone and some sautéed garlic mashed potatoes for my girl and me to take the place of cheesy potatoes. I have some apple pie filling all made up and frozen, so I think I will whip up a crust and take that, too. That's a lot of food, I know, but it's all pretty easy to make, and I can make the muffins the night before.

I think I've got this. I had better get that pie filling in the fridge.