First Ride of the Season

I managed to get out on the bike, yesterday, when the weather was nice. I must say, I think it is going to be a great riding season. Everything is new for me, this year. A new Vulcan, a new helmet, and a new jacket. All I need now are some new boots and some kevlar jeans, and I will be all set.

The new gear is working out great. My old helmet is black. Not only is it not very visible, but it gets HOT. My new one is neon yellow so it's very visible, which I like, and a lot cooler. Which is good considering my tendency to overheat.

My mother-in-law also gave me her jacket since she no longer has a bike. The jacket I had is black leather so, again, hot and not very visible. It does have some great retro-reflective piping on it so I will wear it at night as much as I can. The new jacket is a textile mesh and will be great in the hot days of summer. Very happy about that.

I must say, I am really liking the Vulcan. We traded in my Rebel for it so we're talking going from a 250cc to a 900cc. And that thing goes! I love having a windshield, the weight of it, and having the side bag storage. It's a really smooth ride. I was definitely ready for an upgrade, and it is a good for-now bike for my hubby until we can get a second one.

I didn't get to ride much, last season. With a new bike, it took some reacquainting. I found that I am still a bit skittish about right turns, left over from laying my Rebel down during my first season. I seem to be better about it than I was, last year, so at least there's that. I am hoping to get a lot more riding in to completely get over it. I am also hoping this rain helps wash away some of the gravel and gunk out on the roads since that's what caused me to go down.

So, all in all, I had a great time getting out, and I can't wait to be out all summer!